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Education and Early Childhood Development

Provincial Racial Equity Policy (PREP)

Nova Scotia values and fosters a school environment that respects, celebrates and values racial and cultural diversity. The Provincial Racial Equity Policy (PREP) website, developed by representatives from the Department of Education and school boards across the province, is an information-sharing and discussion venue to advance the framework for enhancing racial equity and cultural proficiency in our schools and continue the implementation of the Racial Equity Policy.

On this site you will find resources such as the Racial Equity/Cultural Proficiency Framework and a facilitator’s guide to Culturally Proficient Approaches for working with teachers and students. We aim to provide valuable tools and tips for educators, information on professional development opportunities, and the latest research and practices connected to effective use of data and data findings. PREP draws on a collaborative approach and values discussion and dialogue, so we are also inviting your ideas and submissions. Stay tuned for further updates as the site develops, and always feel free to submit feedback at